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WTF pwned by a n00btard pile of pewp.

It's Time To Go To Cat Town

Haunted Corn Muffin
11 December 1978
Hello! I'm a 29 year old living in Narberth, PA with my husband, two daughters and 3 cats. Life is good, I'm a happy person who sometimes spends too much time on the internet.

If you add me to your friends list, I'll probably add you back. If you send me a chocolate bar in the mail I'll definitely add you to my friends list.

You can IM b1uemilk@aol.com if you want to chat

107.9, 20/20, 4th of july, alpha phi, amazing race, america, america's next top model, american idol, baking, big brother, biking, bill the pony, black licorice, breast feeding, brian fellow's safari planet, brown cats, brownies, candy apples, candy canes, carmex, cats, cereal, chanukah, chap stick, cheese, chocolate, chocolate donuts, cooking, creme brulee, croissants, cross stitch, crystal clear pepsi, crystal pepsi, delancey street, diet coke with lime, diet pepsi, diet pepsi jazz, diet vanilla pepsi, dumpster diving, epilepsy, erasure, everyday food, f&m, fiber, flexeril, fluffy cats, flying spaghetti monster, food tv, franklin and marshall, free stuff, gilmore girls, girl scout cookies, glitter, grey cats, gum, h&m, harpsichord, haverford, havertown, hello kitty, holidays, hot chocolate, hsn, hymie's, ice cream, israel, jelly beans, jewish, juicy tubes, king of prussia mall, koyaanisqatsi, krispy kreme, lancaster, lip balm, lost, lush, lush cosmetics, macarthur park, main line, marshmallow peeps, marshmallows, martha stewart, me, miami, milkshakes, muffins, narberth, nursing, orange cats, orlando bloom, pastry arts, peppermint bark, pepsi, philadelphia, pina coladas, postcards, qvc, real simple, shadowfax, shakira, shamrock shakes, shiny things, shopping, sibelius, sleeping, smeagol, smoothies, snowglobes, soda club, sodaclub, sparkly stuff, suburban square, surprises, survivor, sushi, swatch watches, swedish chef, talking cats, tamagotchis, tatu, the bangles, the frog club, the gap, the godfather, the mole, tmbg, tori amos, trash picking, travel, tupperware, tv food network, twin peaks, veronica mars, violin, whhs, white cats, wwdb