Haunted Corn Muffin (beewee) wrote,
Haunted Corn Muffin

Squash ahoy

I referenced this on FB but I think this situation deserves its own LJ post. So, we don't really use our backyard too much. We spend a lot of time in the front during the summer, but the back pretty much belongs to the cats who use it to sunbathe and catch bugs.

Anyways, Becca wanders into the backyard this evening at dusk and immediately runs back out SCREAMING! I, of course, envision the worst and think there's a dead body back there or something. She tells us there are giant leaves everywhere and she can't get into the back yard. Aaron & I are like ok...so we go back there, lo and behold there are giant squash plants EVERYWHERE! Literally, my yard has been taken over by squash. It's like a squash jungle.

I was beyond tickled pink by this revelation, even though I don't really like squash. I like the idea of random gardening. For instance, Halloween 2009 Aaron blew up a few pumpkins on our front yard as part of his Halloween show. Summer 2010? We had pumpkins growing all over our yard, it was so cool.

So, turns out, our neighbors who we share a fence with also have this squash infestation in their yard. They did not plant the squash either. Their best explanation is that some squash seeds from their compost germinated and then exploded. It looks like they have acorn and butternut, I've only found butternut in my yard so far.

All in all, I picked 7 ripe squash. There were more than a dozen unripe squash still growing and probably several more that I could not see. It was getting dark so I didn't take any pictures. I'll take some tomorrow.

I was bummed because I didn't get to take out the Delorean this weekend (it has been raining like cats and dogs around here) but this discovery totally made up for it. Not sure what I'm going to do with this bounty, probably give some away. I read online that you can carve them like pumpkins too. We'll see!
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