Haunted Corn Muffin (beewee) wrote,
Haunted Corn Muffin

Odds 'n ends

Took Tippy to the vet for her well senior kitty check up. She has gained 2.5lbs since her radiation treatment in Jan. Oh my! Had her blood levels tested and will find out results tomorrow.

How is it the end of the school year already? Becca's last day is Friday (she has off Weds for Shavuot, though) and Sara's last day is next Friday. I cannot believe my baby Becca will be a kindergartener in the fall :( The happy part is we've only got one more left of private school tuition then both kids will be in public school! Yay!

Can I tell you how I hate carpeting? I want to rip it all out and put down hard flooring. I have finally talked Aaron into getting rid of the carpeting in the TV room. It's the most used room in the house and keeping the carpets clean is, well, impossible. Having some people come give us estimates this week. I don't even really care what kind of flooring we get, just as long as it's not carpet.

On that note, have you ever seen a house with a carpeted bathroom or kitchen? I would DIE! Can you imagine the grossness?

Promotions East trade show in Atlantic City tomorrow and Weds. I don't have to go, so, hooray to that! I will have a butt load of follow up work to do after the show, though.

I leave you with some pictures from last week's Narberth Dog Parade. Play where's Waldo and see if you can find me in two of the pics. There's a nice shot of Aaron & Becca at the judges' table (Aaron was one of the judges, he took his job very seriously).

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