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What I've been doing the last 7 months   
09:14am 16/01/2013


And thank goodness it is almost done. NEVER AGAIN! I'm never moving out of this house!


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03:39pm 23/04/2012
  Look at all my new glasses!!!

Thanks zennioptical.com!


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05:00pm 09/03/2012
  TGIF! I am so happy to be eating pizza tonight for dinner. I need to get out of the office STAT!  

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Happy New Year!   
11:38am 02/01/2012
  My Blueberry Morning cereal has three blueberries in it! WTF!??!?!?  

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08:59pm 28/10/2011
  Sara is such a ham

Becca in Sara's costume (Sara was not happy about this)


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Squash ahoy   
09:04pm 21/08/2011
  I referenced this on FB but I think this situation deserves its own LJ post. So, we don't really use our backyard too much. We spend a lot of time in the front during the summer, but the back pretty much belongs to the cats who use it to sunbathe and catch bugs.

Anyways, Becca wanders into the backyard this evening at dusk and immediately runs back out SCREAMING! I, of course, envision the worst and think there's a dead body back there or something. She tells us there are giant leaves everywhere and she can't get into the back yard. Aaron & I are like ok...so we go back there, lo and behold there are giant squash plants EVERYWHERE! Literally, my yard has been taken over by squash. It's like a squash jungle.

I was beyond tickled pink by this revelation, even though I don't really like squash. I like the idea of random gardening. For instance, Halloween 2009 Aaron blew up a few pumpkins on our front yard as part of his Halloween show. Summer 2010? We had pumpkins growing all over our yard, it was so cool.

So, turns out, our neighbors who we share a fence with also have this squash infestation in their yard. They did not plant the squash either. Their best explanation is that some squash seeds from their compost germinated and then exploded. It looks like they have acorn and butternut, I've only found butternut in my yard so far.

All in all, I picked 7 ripe squash. There were more than a dozen unripe squash still growing and probably several more that I could not see. It was getting dark so I didn't take any pictures. I'll take some tomorrow.

I was bummed because I didn't get to take out the Delorean this weekend (it has been raining like cats and dogs around here) but this discovery totally made up for it. Not sure what I'm going to do with this bounty, probably give some away. I read online that you can carve them like pumpkins too. We'll see!

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Dress made for Becca by our neighbor, Madeline   
05:29pm 18/07/2011
  Materials used: duct tape, toilet paper


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02:20pm 13/07/2011
  This is providing me with much entertainment today:


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Another edition of...   
07:59am 07/07/2011
  My Tip in a Box


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Today, my Q-Tip turned 13   
11:04pm 04/07/2011
  Happy Bat Mitzvah Tippy, you are the greyest love of my life!

Oh, and happy 4th of July to everybody too :)


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07:22pm 27/06/2011
  Spags w/ tomato sauce and parmesan cheese from a shaker top tube. Sounds kinda trashy but this is one of my most favorite and easiest dinners. Sometimes I'll even put some sliced bread with butter and garlic powder under the broiler and call it garlic bread.

Kids survived their first day of camp. This morning Sara was up at 5:55AM jumping around with excitement. I woke Becca at 7:15 and she cried and cried and refused to get dressed and said she didn't want to get on the camp bus.

In a parenting fail of epic proportions I promised to get her a kitten if she would get on the bus and go to camp. She asked Aaron if it was true that she could have a kitten and he was like, "Yeah, yeah when Tippy dies you can get a new kitten." I gasped in HORROR (those words should NEVER be spoken!) and Becca was like, "Yeah, ok. Then I can get a new kitten." Thank goodness she accepted Aaron's amendment to my promise.

Both kids are now dazed in front of the TV. I'm hoping they'll eat dinner and fall into bed with exhaustion.

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12:03am 21/06/2011
  Anybody else watching Game of Thrones?  

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Odds 'n ends   
10:54pm 06/06/2011
  Took Tippy to the vet for her well senior kitty check up. She has gained 2.5lbs since her radiation treatment in Jan. Oh my! Had her blood levels tested and will find out results tomorrow.

How is it the end of the school year already? Becca's last day is Friday (she has off Weds for Shavuot, though) and Sara's last day is next Friday. I cannot believe my baby Becca will be a kindergartener in the fall :( The happy part is we've only got one more left of private school tuition then both kids will be in public school! Yay!

Can I tell you how I hate carpeting? I want to rip it all out and put down hard flooring. I have finally talked Aaron into getting rid of the carpeting in the TV room. It's the most used room in the house and keeping the carpets clean is, well, impossible. Having some people come give us estimates this week. I don't even really care what kind of flooring we get, just as long as it's not carpet.

On that note, have you ever seen a house with a carpeted bathroom or kitchen? I would DIE! Can you imagine the grossness?

Promotions East trade show in Atlantic City tomorrow and Weds. I don't have to go, so, hooray to that! I will have a butt load of follow up work to do after the show, though.

I leave you with some pictures from last week's Narberth Dog Parade. Play where's Waldo and see if you can find me in two of the pics. There's a nice shot of Aaron & Becca at the judges' table (Aaron was one of the judges, he took his job very seriously).


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10:39am 03/06/2011
  Don't forget to get your free donut today at Dunkin' Donuts! Free with any beverage purchase!  

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Quick clip from the Memorial Day parade   
10:25am 31/05/2011

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10:58am 20/05/2011

Aaron is the fire fighter all the way to the left, engulfed in the smoke. I'm very proud of him.

This photo was taken at the City Line Ave Houlihan's fire, you can read more here if you want: http://abclocal.go.com/wpvi/story?section=news/local&id=8139018


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My new ride!!!   
11:37am 13/05/2011


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04:28pm 10/05/2011
  Please remind me never to buy coconuts at BJ's again. I bought a bag of 3 last Thursday. Yesterday I cracked one open, there was no juice inside and the meat was fuzzy. Second one had yellowish-brownish dots all over the inside. Third one tasted like soap. EWWW!!!!  

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Sugarless gummi bears   
11:04pm 03/05/2011
  OMG read the reviews:


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11:40am 31/03/2011
  Never thought I'd admit this...but I am watching to clock and waiting for Katy Perry's ET video to be released. I'm so ashamed.  

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